Love Awakens the Heart (The Californians, #1-2) PDF

by Lori Wick Set in San Francisco in the 1870's - just after the gold rush years - Lori Wick's The Californians brings a fabled era to life. Whatever Tomorrow Brings begins with the Donovan family stepping off a clipper ship for a holiday from their missionary post in Hawaii. Tragedy meets them instead, and twenty-year-old Kaitlin must hold her family together in an unfamiliar land. The second part of the saga, As Time Goes By, turns to another branch of the family, the Taylors. Young Jeff Taylor has waited five years for a chance to apologize to Bobbie Bradford in person. Can their friendship be restored after his heartbreaking betrayal so long ago? Historically accurate and brimming with positive values, this series entertains readers with uplifting stories of life and love, faith and courage in the boomtown West.

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